Energy saving

Safety at work

Manpower Saving


Rustikmat is designed for rusticating wood products. It represents the ideal solution for all those looking for a high standard of quality and finishing.

  • Steel frame for maximum sturdiness
  • 3-layer feed mat with variable speed drivenby electronic inverter
  • Safety protections on all sides

Possible operations

  • Rustication
  • Pore opening
  • Sanding
  • Brushing
  • Laquering



Machine configuration

Rustikmat has many different configurations to meet varius workings beside rustication. this is possible thanks to the quick change of opertating units, horizontal or cross-wise brushes. All operating uits are supported on both sides ensuring absolute stability and lack of vibrations.

Horizontal unit

One or two horizontal brushes with diameter 270 mm, 50 abrasive sections made of steel or tynex, 3 Kw of power, adjustable rotating speed by inverter, height adjustment (cut size / brush wear) by handwheel, on demand slow down device for edge protection.

Cups brushes

Six cup brushes diameter 200 mm, 1.5 Kw of power each, adjustable rotating speed by inverter, axis adjustment driven by inverter, on demand slow down device for edge protection, extraction on machine side for abrasive unit change.

Pannello comandi
Control board

Working height and brushes speed are set on control board with digital display Feed speed driven by inverter.


  • Abrasive brush for horizontal unit
    Abrasive brush consisting of a cylinder with interchangeablestrips.
  • 360° Wheeled carriage for easy extraction of horizontal brush.
  • Sanding system for horizontal unit
    Rubber coated sanding roller designed for a quick change of the abrasive. Abrasive automatic clean system by self-activated blowers.
  • Load-unlod device
    Load - unload unit consisting of two modules combined to grant one single structure. Loading system on first module compatible with forklift. The final part of loading systme is provided with a powered roller unit in order to turn the workpiece of 90° and enter the machine properly.
  600 1000
Machine dimensions cm height 1840 / length 1900 /
width 1800
height 1840 / length 1900 /
width 1500
Maximum thickness 500 500
Minimum length 500 500
Brush diameter cm 270 270
Maximum width mm 600 1000
Aspiration mouths n° 2 / Ø 140 n° 2 / Ø 140
Infeed belt from 1 m/min to 10 m/min from 1 m/min to 10 m/min
Aggregates lift electric with digital visualization electric with digital visualization
Thickness of the work-piece digital visualization digital visualization
Motor power hp 4 5,5
Tension v 400 400
Protection degree of the switchboard 55 55
Maximum rotations / optional inverter 900 900
Weight kg 900 1300