About us

From an important group...

Since more than 40 years, Ecoenerg operates in the electronic field, both civil and industrial. It deals with the production of civil and industrial electrical Systems / Automation / Home automation / VMC equipments / Hydraulic and Heating systems / Civil construction / Sustainable construction / Lighting industry (innovative technologies for energy saving) / Industrial automation / Control panels and cabins / Management and supervision of industrial plants and Building Automation / Software and systems for process control and production management / Techniques and solutions for energy efficiency (existing buildings) / Photovoltaics / Biogas / Biomass cogeneration.

... a great expertise.

Established in 2014, ECOLINE is a young company whose engineers and technicians are skilled in the sanding, brushing and finishing of wood surfaces since decades.
The joint venture with ECOENERG ensures stability and resources, along with the expertise of our team. Our technicians are highly specialized in providing technology to all those companies operating in the carpentry field or the aluminium, plastic and other composite materials processing, whether they are small artisans or large industrial groups.


Our technology, protected by more than ten granted patents, makes us leader in our field; we are able to produce Woodworking Machinery using standard technology as well as fully customized projects. We are a reference all over the world for our customers thanks to our commitment in research.

Using the best materials available on the market, we combine mechanical steadiness and high industrial automation technology that means “reliability and long lasting performances”.