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Safety at work

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C.N.C. finishing center, the Windsand sanding machines are used for sanding and denibbing of window sashes and frames, doors and panels generally. This machine line is the guaranty to obtain the best surface quality through high performance equipment.
All sides are sanded through a dedicated aggregate thanks to our patented technology developed through decencies of experience.

  • Steel structure ensures stability and strength
  • Ground working tables maintain parallelism with sanding disks
  • All adjustments of the operating units are on ball bearing linear guides to ensure long life, accuracy and high strength
  • Powered feed belts for the work-piece movement, feed speed driven by inverter
  • Pressure rollers all along the working process to ensure work-piece’s stability
  • Pressure rollers coated with vulcanized rubber and provided with spring-loaded suspension
  • All working units provided with dust extraction
  • Cabin closes on six sides
  • Side doors provided with safety system, machine stops in case of door opening. Doors have windows to allow the control of the work-piece
  • Steel side reference guide of right hand machine entrance (zero reference)

Working procedure

Working cycle

Choice of pre-set working program.
Working and pressure units adjust automatically according to the selected program and the parameters entered.
The working cycle starts by setting work speed, the pressure of the units and rotating speed according to the selected program.

Machine configuration

All working units are driven by Inverter.
All brushes and sanding disks are provided with individually replaceable abrasive strips or sandpaper.
Thanks to the innovative Ecoline operating system, all working units ensure the maintenance of the work-piece geometry

Vertical brushes

Nr.2 350 mm dia. vertical brushes, 0,55 kw motor each, variable rotating speed driven by inverter. Variable inclination 0°-35°. Horizontal stroke adjustment on linear guides.

Central Brush

350 mm dia. vertical brush for sanding work-piece head and inside of the window. kW 0,55 electronically controlled variable rotating speed by inverter.

Transversal brushes

Nr 1 transversal brushes 320 mm dia. Kw 1,5.
Electronically controlled variable rotating speed by inverter. Vertical stroke 100 mm on linear guides and positioning control by reader.
Easier horiziontal extraction for abrasive strips change

Horizontal brush

Nr 1 horizontal brush Ø 420 mm dia. cylindrical brush driven by 1.5 kw motor, electronically controlled variable rotating speed by inverter.
Vertical stroke 160 mm on linear guides, electronic adjustment according to work-piece thickness.
Easier horiziontal extraction for abrasive strips change.

Sanding Disks (cupS)

Nr. 3 420 mm dia. sanding disks driven by 1.5 kw motor each, electronically controlled variable rotating speed by inverter. Easier horiziontal extraction for abrasive change.

Doors unit

Unit consisting of 2 indipendent brushes 350 mm dia. Kw 0,75 each. Horizontal movement on linear guides and 2 vertical position 20-40mm. Electronically controlled variable rotating speed by inverter.

3D Unit

Unit composed by 5 cylindrical brushes Ø 320 mm with vertical and orizontal independent rotation. particularly indicated for milled surfaces or internal parts of the work-piece.


  • Out feeding table
  • Orizontal brush motor power kw 7,5
  • Cub brush
  • Extra set abrasive paper
  • Tynex brush brushes
  • Still brushes


Full PLC control.
Choice of programs and settings through colour touch screen. Wide memory capability to save pre-set programs.
External USB support to export programs.
Large and understandable icons for easy and friendly use. Automatic control of abrasive workload and replacement. Remote after-sale service. (need of Internet connection).

Codes / groups EC 56-000
EC 66-000
AL 156-000 AL 135-600
AL 168-500
AL 135-460
AL 157-460
Dimensions (length x width x height) mm 2900x2300x2200 2900x2300x2300 2900x2300x2300 3900x2300x2300
Working table height mm 875 875 875 875
Weight kg 4000 4500 4000 4500
Operating voltage 400v 400v 400v 400v
Electric current 63a 63a 63a 63a
Electric power Kw 11 11 11 11
Frequency Hz 50 50 50 50
Electrical cabinet protection IP 55 IP 55 IP 55 IP 55
Air connection bar 6 6 6 6
Dust extraction mm Nr 4 x Ø 120 Nr 6 x Ø 120 Nr 6 x Ø 120 Nr 6 x Ø 120
Workpiece dimensions        
Shortes piece mm 550 550 550 550
Max. width mm 1550 1550 1550 1550
Min. thickness mm 10 10 10 10
Max. thickness mm 120 120 120 120
Certification ce ce ce ce
hmi Touch screen 11 inch Touch screen 11 inch Touch screen 11 inch Touch screen 11 inch
  • 1 vertical brushes
  • 3 central brush
  • 4 transversal brushes
  • 5 horizontal brush
  • 6 sanding disks
  • 7 doors unit
  • 8 cups
  • 9 3D Unit